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  Constant Temp. & Humid. Chamber(DK-PHC 001-S, DK-PHC 001, DK-PHC 010)
Built in Microprocessor controller which can be set of temperature and humidity period step, cycle, auto-tuning and selftest function. (model : DK-PHC 001-S, DK-PHC 001, DK-PHC 010)
  Growth Chamber(DK-GC 001, DK-GC 010, DK-GC 020)
Controllable temperature, humidity, illumination and CO2 optional. (model : DK-GC 001, DK-GC 010, DK-GC 020)
  Growth Chamber(DK-GC 001-3, DK-GC 010-3, DK-GC 020-3)
Can program temperature, humidity, and lighting intensity in a complex method and can compose detailed human made environment condition such as day and night function, 10 step change experiment, repetitive operation, and etc. (model : DK-GC001-3, DK-GC010-3, DK-GC020-3 )
  Plant Growth Chamber(DK-PGC 001, DK-PGC 010)
There are left, right and center light systems to get equal lights in any position of chamber. (model : DK-PGC 001, DK-PGC 010)
  CO2 Growth Chamber(DK-COC 001, DK-COC 010)
Using infrared ray CO2 gas Sensor, it is possible to accurately control the density, and can control CO2 gas with 0~5000PPM. (model : DK-COC 001, DK-COC 010)
  High Illumination Growth Chamber(DK-GC 020-LX, DK-GC 030-LX)
Maximum of 50,000-100,000 LUX or greater of the light intensity is possible and was produced for special purposes such as plant harvest or micro-algae growth, and etc. (model : DK-GC 020-LX,DK-GC 030-LX)
  Multi Thermo Chamber(DK-TC 001, DK-TC 010)
Can set and manage 3-5 Chambers each in a different temperature thus is appropriate for the comparison experiment and can obtain various experiment results in a short period of time. (model : DK-TC 001, DK-TC 010)
  Culture Chamber(DK-CC 001, DK-CC 010)
Adopting digital PID controller for accurate temp. control. (model : DK-CC 001, DK-CC 010)
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