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Stirring Water Bath(KBLee2010, KBLee2010-SP)
  Motorless and beltless rotation system for no noise, no
vibration, accurate rotation and low maintenance cost.
Compact and economic model.
(model: KBLee2020, KBLee2010-SP)

 · Built-in magnetic stirrer with variable speed adjustment 60-1000rpm for dispersion of
   temperature and stirring solution in flask. 
 · Motorless and beltless rotation system for no noise, no vibration, accurate rotation and
   low maintenance cost.
 · Programmable microprocessor temperature and speed.
   We, DAIKI can manufacture various types according to
 · the quantity of stirrer(Order Made/ KBLee2010-SP)

· Circulation rack : There is magnetic impeller which stirs water for accurate temperature
  control under the rack.


*SPECIAL ORDER(ORDER MADE) : DAIKI can supply special instruments to be modified by
customer's request like capacity, temp. range, speed range or etc.