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Fume Hood(DK-FH 001, DK-FH 010, DK-FH 020)
  It protects operators against hazardous chemical material,
poisonous gas and air contamination.
(model : DK-FH 001, DK-FH 010, DK-FH 020)

· Hazardous chemical testing, Poisonous gas testing, Protecting air contamination and etc.

 · It protects operators against hazardous chemical material, poisonous gas and air
 · Use asbestos Board, SUS304, Lead plate, PVC and Ceramic plate for anti-corrosiveness
   and anti-chemicals.
 · Sirocco Fan Motor : Can choose SUS blower or PVC blower or General Blower.

 · Order Made.(Special Order)
   We, DAIKI can manufacture various models according to the customer's request.

 · Utility Device 
   Water Cock, Air Cock, Gas Cock, 110/220V Concent

 · Lamp 
   Vapor Proof Lamp 100W

 · Air Curtain Type
   Air Curtain Type for protecting the user from hazardous chemicals


*SPECIAL ORDER(ORDER MADE) : DAIKI can supply special instruments to be modified by
customer's request like capacity, temp. range, speed range or etc.