About Daiki Introduction
Daiki Sciences is established to play a key role as an axis of scientific, analytical, medical and process instruments industry by producing and supplying and a protagonist in developing laboratory equipments industry of the 21st century. To tower as a leading company in the digital world, this company strives vigorously to develop new technology with a conviction that only those who research and innovate in a consistent fashion can keep ahead in a keen competition.

Daiki Sciences Co., Ltd. was established in December 1990 as a Daiki Trading Company. We are importers and exporters of analyze, laboratory equipments and medical equipments. Despite fact that there are a lot of companies the same as our field, we have been admitted one of the largest distributors in the field of scientific, analytical, medical and process instruments in Korea. Also we have opened the branch offices located in Busan and Kwangju also supposed to do the other one in Chungcheong in 2006 so that we provide to give our sincere service for customers in southern Korea.
Allways, we are trying to do our best in the field of sciences company by providing wonderful service, competitive price and high quality for all various customer's requirements with the slogan "FOR THE BEST QUALITY FOR SATISFACTION OF CUSTOMER”. We are willing to be a best partner for you. At the moment, we export our goods to all over the world and have the future prospect having distributors and agencies more.

In conclusion, we would always like to communicate with our customers who are interested in our products.
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