About Daiki Support
1.Technical After Service
All instruments which we supplied are managed with service program which keeps on record. We have 3 well trained technician teams which have finished technical training programs. We are always pleased with your call that you need our help, and we will help you willingly. Don’t hesitate to contact us, just only if you need our help.
2.Literature Service
We also have some important information about our interest field. Sometimes we serve our customer and distributor with translated information with Korean and English. We construct computerized data base system with information, analyses, methods and all of the world rules, so we serve our customer and distributor with many other catalogues, seminar books and application materials.
3.User and Distributor(Agency) training program
We have some users and distributors training the program to understand and operate the instruments well before installation. Sometimes, wrong operations will cause dead damage to instruments. Because of the delicate instruments, the pre users training the programs must be needed.
4.Service Contract
We recommend our customers to make service contracts to maintain instruments effectievely which are over warranty period. If our customers make a service contract with us, one of service technicians will be invited to operate and maintain customer’s instruments and they visit our customer and check the instruments regularly.
5.Technical Training Program
We have some technical service programs. This is very important to maintain and repair the instrument. If the instrument has no chance to be checked properly, it will cause dead damage to instruments. And so, when the instrument needs to be repaired, some technicians who have finished technical service program must check the condition of instruments. Action such as this, will guarantee long life of instruments.