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Auto Clave(DK-AC 001, DK-AC 010, DK-AC 020, DK-AC 030)
  Full Automatic System : After setting temp. and time, 
all procedures are done automatically.
(model : DK-AC 001, DK-AC 010, DK-AC 020, DK-AC 030) 

· Sterilize glassware, laboratory equipments, media and waste.

 · Full Automatic System : After setting temp. and time, all procedures are done automatically.
 · Ending Alarm : If all procedures are finished, there is always ending alarm.
 · Special designed Silicon seal packing for lid.
 · Protecting device for over temperature and over pressure.
 · Adjustable valve which is controlled by hand, if necessary.


*SPECIAL ORDER(ORDER MADE) : DAIKI can supply special instruments to be modified by
customer's request like capacity, temp. range, speed range or etc.